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Anhydride derivative
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Short name:BDDSA

CAS No.:26544-38-7

Molecular formula :C16H26O3 

Molecular weight:266.38

    Technical Index     

Appearance:  Clear, yellow liquid

Purity          :   ≥ 99.0% ( GC)

Density       :  1.00-1.01 g/mL (20

Viscosity    :   250 -475 m Pa· S (25℃)

Acid value  :   395-432 mgKOH/g


1. It is epoxy resin curing agent, solvent-based adhesive. The cured product has a certain degree of toughness, good thermal shock resistance and low thermal deformation temperature. When used for low-temperature cast products, there is little residual internal deformation. The electrical properties of the cured product are excellent.  

2. It is used to prepare anti-rust agent T746, T747  




It must be kept moisture-proof, fire-proof and waterproof during transportation and stored in dry and ventilated warehouse.
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