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Anhydride derivative
Nadic Anhydride (NA)
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 Nadic Anhydride   (NA)

Chemical Name: 5-Norbornene-2, 3-dicarboxylic anhydride

CAS    No.: 826-62-0

Molecular formula:  C9H8O3

Molecular weight : 164.16

    Technical Index     

Appearance:  White solid 

Purity           :  ≥ 98.0%  Or 
 ≥ 99.0%  (Two Size according to Purity) 

Melting Point:≥162.0 ℃


1) Used as the pharmaceutical intermediate of Lurasidone(Latuda), Tandospirone and etc.

2) Used as the raw material for pesticides.

3) Used as the curing agent of epoxy resin; the modifying agent of alkyd resin, urea-formaldehyde resin, melamine resins; the sulfide modifier, the surfactant, the textile penetrating agent, and etc..

4)  Used in the unsaturated polyester resins, NA has better air-drying, higher heat resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance, higher degree of finish, better electrical properties, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength than the resins made by Phthalic anhydride or THPA.


25kg/bag; 500kg/super-sack


This product should be tightly closed, out of the sun, moisture-proof and away from ignition source. The storage period is one year.
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